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GoGCast 156: Interview with Patricia Summersett and Victoria Atkin. 

Down and Nerdy Podcast, Episode 187 - Horizon Zero Dawn & Extinct - An Interview with Victoria Atkin. 

Victoria Atkin 'thefilmshow' interview - Wales Comic Con 2017 


'Victoria Atkin Returns!' - The Sound Architect UK - 17th March 2017 

Radio 5 Live Interview, 7th October 2015

Victoria discusses her career with Peter Bowes in L.A.


Podcast interview/Q&A, 9th October 2015
The talented British actress discusses all things Evie Frye.

http://www.victoriaatkinonline.com/Interview Victoria Atkin Evie Frye In ACSyndicate .mp3



GWW Podcast, 24th November 2015

Victoria talks about working on Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.





Podcast Interview with Victoria, 15th November 2015 (Edit)





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