Gamevoices Interview: Victoria Atkin (Evie Frye in Assassins Creed Syndicate)

22nd May 2017

Whilst we were both on a trip to Santa Monica last month I managed to catch up with the beautiful and talented Victoria Atkin, who recently played her first character in a video game as Evie Frye in Assassins Creed Syndicate.

​GV) For many of Gamevoices' newer and younger members & followers the most regularly asked question is, 'how do you learn to voice act?' 
You went to the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, is that where you first came across voice acting? 

Victoria) How do you learn to voice act? This is a great question and I think the answer is quite simply You learn to ACT. 
Acting and voice acting are, for me, one and the same. Voice acting is in some ways harder as you only have one part of your instrument to use. Training at The Central School of Speech and Drama certainly gave me a good understanding of my voice and I discovered some great books. Ultimately for me it is a continuous study. Embrace your own unique sound, that's the gift we all have... no two people sound the same.  

GV) What was your first voice acting job?

Victoria) Assassins Creed Syndicate (Evie Frye) ... I got lucky (and worked hard)

GV) How did you get hired to work on that title?

Victoria) I did a self tape audition from my house in Los Angeles at the time which was sent via email to the team at Ubisoft in Quebec City. I then taped again for the next round and was flown to meet the producers in Quebec for the final stage. After that I met with some male actors who would play Jacob, one being Paul Amos.

GV) Was game acting something you wanted to do? What did your friends & family think? 

Victoria) I never set a goal to be a motion capture performer however if I looked back on the way I had geared my studies it really was a natural progression. I loved voice work and movement classes. 
My friends and family are forever supportive, I couldn't do what I do without their unconditional love and faith in my work as an actor. 

GV) Are you a gamer yourself?
Victoria) I used to game growing up and being part of this world I am slowly getting back into it. 

GV) Were you made aware of any Mocap work required of you before you started?

Victoria) I knew I was required to complete the Motion Capture performance (full performance including facial capture) of Evie Frye in Assassins Creed when I signed up for the role, however I wasn't fully aware of what it all involved. Thankfully I watched some footage from the motion capture stage of the actors filming The Last of Us which gave me a good idea of what to expect. 
It was a fun and funny experience. I learned that the motion capture suits cling to everything!

I loved to bring the character to life on the motion capture stage as well as doing the voiceover. It really is a hybrid of theatre and film performance with a lot of imagination. Anytime I get to play and loose myself in the world of my character I am in my element. 

GV) When the game was completed you went on the fan, cosplay and conventions circuit, what was that like?

Victoria) Comic Cons are always such fun, I love getting to meet the gamers and hearing their experience of the games first hand. With reference to Assassins Creed, Evie and Jacob's sibling banter seems to be a regular topic of conversation. My next convention is Alamo City Comic Con, if any one is in San Antonio Memorial Weekend.

GV) Do you want to do more games.. are any on the horizon for you at the moment?

Victoria) I am working on a couple of new games... you heard it here first. Stay tuned.  

GV) Always my final question to be honest, what advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a voice actor?

Victoria) For those starting out I would say the best place to start is to LISTEN. Listen to the sorts of things you want to do, whether it be animation, gaming, commericals etc and then make a voice reel which you can send to prospective agents. 

Many thanks for talking to @Gamevoices Victoria. 

*As Victoria has said you can see her and perhaps even meet her at Alamo City Comic Con 26th - 28th May. http://alamocitycomiccon.com/

Questions by John Armstrong

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