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Twitter - Victoria Atkin Q & A

Posted by Jase on December 20, 2011 


Victoria recently took part in a questions and answers session on Twitter.

Here it is..........

Hi Victoria. What projects do you have planned for the future? Your talent amazes me by the way!

Victoria: I am very excited about the future, I have just been out to America sussing the acting world out. Auditioning at the mo…

What was the best thing about playing Jason?

Victoria: The best thing about playing Jason was the disguise! Only very attentive people spot me. Being able to act every day was amazing

Which cast member will you miss the most? And will you stay in touch with the Hollyoaks cast?

Victoria: Not sure if I can say who I will miss the most, I have loved working with everyone. Withdrawal symptoms from not working with Jonny.

Hi Victoria, who gave you the best advice whilst on Hollyoaks?

Victoria: I would say Jeff Rawle = fantastic advice ‘let the play, play itself’.

Hi Vic, my question would be if you could have only two fans to meet and spend the day with who would they be?

Victoria: Ha you of course, I have to say that. I really do love everyone who supports me.

I look forward to seeing you in other roles! What was the most challenging part of playing Jason?

Victoria: I found Jason’s self harming extremely difficult to tap into initially.

What was it like filming ‘A Little Film About Love’ with Jonny?

Victoria: ALFAL was incredible. Loved filming in London. Jonny is a fantastic actor & friend.

Did you audition specifically for the role of Jasmine/Jason?

Victoria: Yes I did. What an opportunity.

Which goodbye was the hardest/most emotional to film?

Victoria: this one showing now! There real tears. I loved being in the Costello’s.

We’ll miss you soooo much on Twitter soo since you’re not dead…will there ever be a possibility that we’ll see you again?

Victoria: Silas didn’t get to Jason thankfully so anything is possible. For now I am hanging up my Jason boots to explore new acting roles.

Best moment in your career?

Victoria: Being told I got the job. It was my 2nd paid job so hopefully many more best moments.

Who’s been your best character to have a scene with?

Victoria: I enjoyed working with Jeff Rawle & Seamus O' Neil who played the crazy Farmer.

Has playing a transgender teenager made you more connected to the trans community?

Victoria: Yes. I’m glad Jason increased awareness. Loved tweeting from @Glyouthgroup.

Do you miss Jason’s wig?

Victoria: LAST Q: I had a love/hate relationship with that wig as everyone at #hollyoaks knows!

Exclusive - Victoria Atkin interview, 17th August 2011

Posted by Jase on August 17, 2011

This month marks a year since Victoria Atkin first appeared on our screens as Jas Costello. I asked Victoria if she would kindly do an interview for Victoria Atkin Online, and she said yes! Here is what she had to say.......


If you could pick one, what would be your favourite Jasmine/Jason moment from the past year?

Victoria: As an actress there has been so many, but I suppose my fav moments have been getting to be part of Jason's stunts and seeing how it all comes together. The car crash was really fun to film.

Playing the first transgender teen on TV is a big responsibility, How have you felt about your character's journey so far?

Victoria: I have enjoyed ever minute of being offered the responsibility of it as it has pushed me to make sure I am telling the story the best I can. I am very proud of how the story has progressed so far.


Is there any aspect of Jason's personality that you would say reflects your own?

Victoria: I would say there a lots of similarities between me and Jason. When you play a character on a soap day in and day out you have to draw on your own life experiences and traits. One major aspect we share is that we both try to be perfectionists.

If you could give Jason a piece of advice, what would it be?

Victoria: The piece of advice I would give to Jason would be to have faith that everything always works out for the best in the end.


Your acting has seen you play two very different personas, from Cinderella to Jason Costello. If you could choose, what kind of role would you like to play next?

Victoria: This is a great question. I have so many acting roles I would love to try. I think next I would love a heartfelt but raw feminine part in a film.


With many thanks to Victoria for taking the time out to talk to us!

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